Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby cocoon

In my opinion this is a big and great project, I was doing it more than one week. It was almost 4 months ago. I finished it exactly when my roommate opened the door in our room. She was so excited and surprised. Her first words to me -Could you please sell it to me, i like it so much. I asked her -Why???? And she lied ))))))- My friend is pregnant now, and i wanna make her a present. Of course i agreed. But after i knew that her friend is she, she had beed pregnant for 4 months and i was so silly and didnt  remark it. No money  of course, how can I take it))))). To finish this set i did baby hat too))))

I like this set and i really didnt wait such result. What can i say is that cam can't express this cocoon as it is, just believe me its looking very cool. I was hurry to remember how i did it, so i wrote pattert with great explanations and pictures. And if you like it you can buy it, just mail me. And if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them. See ya.

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