Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are we waiting girl or boy???

I have been living in dormitory for 6 years and at the end my roommate is pregnant. Whole my room is waiting for this baby but we still dont know whom we are waiting. Today she is going to scaning and i wish it will be a lil girl, but my mate is waiting for boy. Just to make her smile i've crocheted this cute bib.


  1. That bib will please either a boy or a girl! Your crocheting is's perfect!


  2. Love it! Oh, so cute. Would you have the pattern for this? I would like to try this. My nephew has twins (3 months old now) & I want to crochet a frog "doll" for them - this bib would fit the theme. Would appreciate your feedback. My email is Tks.

  3. sorry for late respond, I have only tutorial of this bib