Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crochet bib with a cute frog

Crochet bib for babies

crochet bib for babies
I have been living in a dormitory for the 6 years and now my roommate is pregnant. All my roomies are waiting for this baby, but we still don't know who are we waiting for. Today she is going for a scanning and I wish it will be a little girl, but my friend is waiting for boy. Just to make her smile I've crocheted this cute bib. 

I've also recently started my personal website where I blog about crocheting, knitting and other creative stuff. Check out my latest free knitting patterns for babies here.


  1. That bib will please either a boy or a girl! Your crocheting is's perfect!


  2. Love it! Oh, so cute. Would you have the pattern for this? I would like to try this. My nephew has twins (3 months old now) & I want to crochet a frog "doll" for them - this bib would fit the theme. Would appreciate your feedback. My email is Tks.

  3. sorry for late respond, I have only tutorial of this bib